On this page are my commission prices, boundaries, and some artworks I made. Please do not steal, and if you're considering commissioning art from me, read the information below.



Full body - $20 / Headshot - $10 / Ref sheet - $30
+ Anthro - $2 / + Non-Anthro - $3 / + Flat color - $5
+ Shading - $3 / + Sketch style - FREE /+ Background - $5
+ Colorized & rendered - $15 / + Polished Line-art - $15
Items with the "+" icon adds onto your total order: (ex. Anthro full body flat color = $27)
Prefers: non-anthro animals, sketch style, headshot, flat color.
You can contact me for commissions by my twitter, facebook or instagram.
Payment options: Zelle.


NO: Feral, r34, fantasy, etc. 18+/NSFW requests are strictly forbade.
NO: Extreme gore. (massacred, torturing, etc.) Light death themes are fine, as long as you don't request anything with a volumed amount of blood.
NO: Bargaining/haggling. I will not tolerate having being asked for free art, or a "discount". You pay in full for what you are given.
NO: Taking my art and claiming you made it. Please give credit; nobody is going to like you any less because you requested something.
If I decline any request that has themes that may not be explicitly named on this list, don't take it to heart, it all depends on what I'm feeling that day and I might make an exception for you. ♡


I will not be accepting any commissions for fursuits as of right now, this decision is made out of the respect for my family, as they are in a tight financial situation; we are no longer able to support the time-consuming and money-reliant job of a fursuit maker, in the future (about a few years probably) when we are able to supply the amount of funds required to start a fully-fledged fursuit making business, this page will change and I will dive completely into my work. (ex. starting a social media account for the company, promoting my works at cons and to friends, etc.)For now, I will only be able to do art commissions, thank you for understanding and any art requests will help speed up the process to begin my journey into fursuit making.And if you're looking for someone else to support, consider commissioning from my friend Stagfurr, as a dear friend of theirs is in a horrible situation with their funds and Stagfurr is trying to gather up money to fly them out to live with them.


NO: Murrsuits, innappropiate/suggestive fursuit designs. I am a minor and find those kinds of fursuits to be disturbing, however, there are many other makers willing to do it for you, I am just not one of them.
NO: Offensively designed fursuits, that may be targetting hate towards a specific group of people, or promoting a specific hate group. (ex. confederate flags, swastikas, etc.)
NO: Requesting to create copies or heavily inspired fursuits that come obviously derived from the original creator and/or owner.
NO: Bargaining/haggling. I will not tolerate having being asked for free suits, or a "discount". You pay in full for what you are given.